5846 Stewart Pkway Douglasville GA 30135

The SOAR Center

SOAR Center provides affordable online tutoring sessions with Georgia certified trained educators. All students, whether or not they are registered in a powered school, are welcome to attend the sessions. Whether your child requires extra one-on-one help to grasp a topic or wants to excel in a subject of interest, our professional educators use effective teaching methods and expertise to match your child's learning style. Our educators are devoted to assisting their students in achieving their full potential. They motivate, inspire, encourage, educate, and believe in their students.

Focusing on math and reading skills, the SOAR Center offers top-quality tutoring and challenging enrichment for children from 5th through 12th grade. Each afternoon, there will be three back-to-back one-hour sessions beginning at 4 pm, available by reservation only. Drop-ins will be accommodated only as space allows. Having an appointment is always best but if we have space, we’ll be happy to walk you in.

SOAR Center was created with the goal of assisting children in focusing, concentrating, and excelling. However, offering an organized, clutter-free workplace with the necessary study resources isn't enough to keep students engaged. It takes people who are invested in their students' success and who make learning enjoyable. SOAR Center facilitates and empowers a more individualized academic experience by bringing the classroom to students' homes and providing a path to the future. Career exploration courses allow students to begin thinking about their future as early as middle school, and they can continue to focus their path in high school. Tutoring in schools, whether free or paid, is frequently used to assist students in completing their homework. But, as we all know, doing homework is only one part of the equation for academic achievement. Our cutting-edge method provides your child with one-on-one teaching that far exceeds traditional after-school tutoring. Tutoring that takes a long time and is ineffective is not a long-term answer. The SOAR Center is.

The SOAR Center is located at 5846 Stewart Parkway in Douglasville. To learn more about registering a child for the SOAR Tutoring and Enrichment Program or providing a tax-deductible financial gift to the program, please call 678-993-0604.

Donations to support the SOAR Center are greatly appreciated.
To donate, please call the foundation office at (678) 993-0604.